happy republic day- a heartwarming tribute to healthcare workers

A happy morning and republic day wishes to all! Republic day is one of the important holidays for Indians. The Indian Constitution was framed 72 years ago. It is indeed a proud moment for all of us and it is appropriate for us to celebrate this auspicious day. This day marks the people behind the framing of the constitution and the other people who were behind the independence of the country (freedom fighters).

These are the warriors who fought for the country, whom we are praising and celebrating. But we tend to forget the warriors who are fighting for the country now, the healthcare workers. Those heroes are the ones who are protecting us in these hard times. This blog is a tribute to those heroes.

Currently, we are in lockdown, with restrictions put upon many things. This lockdown is not that strict. Last year, 2021, we had gone through a lot of things and we have faced even severe lockdowns and intense restrictions. There were instances where the entire nation had to stay inside their houses, except for some.

Lockdown, Virus, Self-Quarantine

They were the healthcare workers. Doctors, nurses, medical attenders, biomedical engineers, sanitary workers, and so on, even though the name diversifies, they all had united together to help the country in tough times.

What is a risk? Do you think the hero jumping off a cliff to save people is a risk? Not at all, these people are risking their lives for the betterment of other lives. This is the true definition of risk. The sad part is that the real heroes do not get as much recognition and appreciation as the “reel” heroes.

We, people, are happily relaxing in our homes and enjoying the time with our families (most people forget that as they are stuck to their mobiles). All the COVID-affected patients would feel bad that they miss their family for a period of 21 days (estimate time of quarantine). Just think about the healthcare workers. They will not be able to enjoy themselves with their families as they could have a  fear that their loved ones might get affected.

We even think a lot to step outside these days, with the fear of getting COVID. Just imagine going to the place where we dread to go these days, we won’t do that whatever it takes. But these healthcare workers are going to those places and treating those patients. According to me, the hospital is the most dangerous place to visit and that hasn’t been filmed on discovery channel.

hospitals- the dangerous place in these COVID times

I feel proud to take this opportunity to honour one such doctor, Mr. Sachin Nayak. He has been tirelessly working in the COVID times and was not able to stay in his house. The family was scared and his neighbors ordered him not to come near his house. The hotels and other places refused to give him room because he was a doctor. So without any other place to stay, he used to stay in his car. Just look at the state we have kept our heroes at.

It’s completely understandable that these people are getting in contact with COVID patients and all. But we have to keep in mind that they follow all the safety measures and do them with extra care. These heroes are equal to that of the military as they are doing service for the nation and are risking their lives for the betterment of the nation and the people.

I feel proud to call these people one amongst the heroes and I feel so esteemed to write about the living legends.


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